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Brain Tumor Detection Web App Using Flask My SQL Database with Generative AI


Brain Tumour Detection from MRI images is a computer vision-based deep learning project utilizing advanced Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) along with Generative AI GPT 4 Model. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive design, this system is a Proof-of-Concept for detecting brain tumors from brain MRI images. Moreover, it includes a robust Flask web app that employs HTML, Javascript, CSS, and Flask with Python for the backend, making it highly versatile and user-friendly.
This tool offers immense value to professionals seeking to showcase their expertise in computer vision. By incorporating this project into your profile, you can demonstrate your proficiency in building and implementing complex predictive models, impressing potential employers and clients alike.


Transform your medical practice with our groundbreaking Brain Tumour Detection and Management Web App. Engineered with precision, this Flask-based application integrates a custom-trained RESNET-50 model and the innovative GPT-4 AI to offer unmatched diagnostic accuracy. Simplify the complex process of brain tumour detection with a user-friendly interface designed for healthcare professionals. From seamless patient data entry to advanced AI-powered MRI analysis, our app highlights affected regions, predicts tumour types, and recommends further tests, all within a few clicks. Enhance collaboration with a dedicated neurologist dashboard and ensure quality care with the admin panel for comprehensive data management. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities and offer your patients the early detection they deserve.

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Project Includes:

  1. Demo  Video
  2. Flask App source code
  3. Model building code Repo
  4. Model download link
  5. MySQL Schema file
  6. MySQL Installation guide
  7. Flask App Setup Guide Installation PDF
  8. Full Project Presentation
  9. Model Link to download
  10. Online support

Features Of This Project

Admin :

  1. User Management –  Manage Admin User/Doctors/Nurses.
  2. Dashboard – Showing complete view of the number of doctors/nurses and pending cases.
  3. Report –  Can download the report based on the date filter and export it to Excel and Generate PDF report to share to the patients.


  1. Update profile –  Nurse can edit/update her profile.
  2. View Report – Nurse can view historical report previously handled by her with associated dermatologist involved.
  3. Model Prediction –  Nurse can upload the brain MRI image of patient to get the real-time prediction of computer vision model along with model interpretation with highlighted region  for showing where the model is seeing Along with Model Diagnosis and recommended medical tests using Generative AI GPT4 Model. Nurse can also add her feedback comment and further allocate the case to the available Neurologist for further review.


  1. Update profile – Neurologists can edit/update his/her profile.
  2. View Report – Neurologist can view historical report resolved and pending with him for review.
  3. Alloted Case –  Neurologist can view all the alloted cases to him  where by referring the model prediction result along with model interpretation and nurse feedback he can add his own feedback with final diagonisis.

Technology Used 

  1. We have developed this project using the below technology
  2. HTML : Page layout has been designed in HTML
  3. CSS : CSS has been used for all the desigining part
  4. JavaScript : All the validation task and animations has been developed by JavaScript
  5. Python : All the business logic has been implemented in Python
  6. MySQL: MySQL  database has been used as database for the project
  7. Flask: Project has been developed using the Flask Framework
  8. Generative AI: GPT-4 model for generating diagnosis and recommended medical tests.

Installation Steps:-

  1. Follow the detailed steps of installation mentioned in Flaskapp_Setup_Guide_Installation.pdf file present inside the folder

Important Note:

Please be advised that the Brain Tumour Detection and Management Web App described herein is developed as an academic project and is intended for demonstration and educational purposes only. It should not be used for clinical diagnosis or treatment without undergoing thorough testing and validation in accordance with established medical standards and guidelines. This application is a representation of potential technological advancements in healthcare but has not been certified by medical associations for clinical use. Users are strongly discouraged from relying on this application for clinical purposes until it has been rigorously tested and approved by relevant regulatory bodies and medical professionals. We urge all users to exercise caution and consult with qualified healthcare providers for any medical diagnosis or treatment options.


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