Effective Date: 30-12-2022

Thank you for choosing Abhyast Techno Solutions LLP for your software project needs, which includes software code and accompanying documentation, including hardware specifications. We are committed to providing high-quality digital solutions tailored to your requirements. As software projects with code and documentation contain detailed specifications essential for their use, we want to clarify that refunds and returns do not apply to these services. Once the purchase is made, it is assumed that you have referred to the specifications and, therefore, the item cannot be returned or refunded. The following policy outlines the terms of this agreement:

1. Scope of Policy

This Return and Refund Policy specifically applies to software projects with code, documentation, and hardware specifications provided by Abhyast Techno Solutions LLP.

2. Comprehensive Specifications

Our software projects are delivered with comprehensive software code, detailed documentation, and hardware specifications. These specifications provide essential information on how to use the software and the accompanying hardware, ensuring you have the necessary details to make an informed decision before purchasing.

3. No Refunds or Returns

Due to the nature of software projects containing code, documentation, and hardware specifications, once the purchase is made, it is assumed that you have reviewed and referred to the specifications. Therefore, no refunds or returns will be accepted.

4. Bug Fixes and Support

We understand that even with detailed specifications, unforeseen issues may arise. In such cases, our team is committed to providing support to address any bugs or technical problems related to the software project. Please contact our support team at info@abhyastprojects.com to report any issues, and we will work diligently to resolve them.

5. Cancellation and Termination

If you wish to cancel the software project before its completion, please refer to the project agreement for cancellation terms and associated costs. In cases where termination is necessary due to extenuating circumstances, the project agreement will outline the process and any relevant terms.

6. Confidentiality

We uphold the strictest confidentiality regarding your software project, code, documentation, and hardware specifications. All proprietary information and project details will be treated with the utmost care and will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties without your consent.

7. Modifications to the Policy

We reserve the right to amend or update this Return and Refund Policy for Software Projects with Code and Documentation at any time without prior notice. The revised policy will be effective immediately upon posting on our website. Please review this page periodically to stay informed about any changes.

By proceeding with a software project containing code, documentation, and hardware specifications with Abhyast Techno Solutions LLP, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this policy and agree to comply with its terms.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us at info@abhyastprojects.com.


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